Project Management Software for Your Learning Management System! 5 Ways to Increase Efficiency

If you have been through a learning management system implementation, you know that waiting is the hardest part. That’s especially true when you are not sure how your vendor is progressing or where your learning management system is on the priority list, despite being on the phone with you vendor 17-odd times a day. We want to upend that model and keep the wait from frying you and your team.

Learning Management Systems

Imagine your learning management system implementation as a digital pizza tracker. What if, in real time, you could watch your learning management system being built, integrated, and launched? What if the second you ‘placed your order’ you could watch your learning management system be handled carefully and efficiently by your learning management system vendor?

With Atrixware, you can. From our first conversations with clients, we assign a project manager, learning solutions advisor, and technical support specialist to every project. We also give clients access to project management software called Axis LMS we use. So they can see where their new learning management system is during every phase of implementation.

How Axis Learning Management System Benefits Our Clients: Know Here!

Secure File Transfer and Versioning:

Versioning a file allows you to post multiple versions to the site without worry of losing the previous version. During the planning window of learning management system projects, it’s imperative that all parties have a single location for file storage and that those files and mock ups be easily tracked. With versioning capability, Atrixware tracks any file changes and new uploads while still keeping the previous versions available for downloading or viewing.

Easy Project Progress Review:

Milestones show the roadmap for the project moving forward and provide a snapshot to stakeholders. Milestones can also be assigned so that clients can track their own project related items on the same site as the Atrixware project. For example, if while implementing a learning management system, your company would like to create a new branding strategy, your project manager can help create milestones specific to that new branding project in the learning management system project site. This allows you to plan for both the learning management system project and branding project in one place.

Task Management:

The project management office can assign tasks to the project team in an area that’s clearly displays them for easy tracking. The site also allows for subtasks, time-tracking, file upload to a task, and full message threads on specific tasks. All these features ensure that clients are always able to see the project details in an easy-to-navigate site.

Comments and Messaging:

No more digging through emails. Atrixware utilizes the project management messaging tab and comments to ensure that all communications are tracked and easy to reply to. Any time Axis LMS sends a design mock-up or other document, clients can make comments directly on the file. Mock up changes and versions are also tracked in one easily accessible place.

Contact Info:

The project site houses all the contact information for anyone on the project. This one location can make it much easier to reach out to someone as there’s no need to dig through emails or create a contact list. Feel free to ask your project manager to create additional contacts to track your own vendors as needed.

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Engage Your Members with Online Learning Management System

Online learning is one of the most valuable benefits an association can offer its members using learning management system. By creating credentialing and certification programs for association members to differentiate themselves professionally, you not only increase member acquisition, retention and engagement, you also give your organization an opportunity to diversify its revenue stream. At Atrixware, we understand this, and have worked with hundreds of associations to implement Axis learning management system, the ideal environment for online education or e-learning.

Axis learning management system is a uniquely powerful and affordable training solution for companies of any size. With key features such as mobile device compatibility and unmatched built-in authoring capabilities, along with many other exclusive and flexible features, Axis learning management system continues to embrace the demands of today’s dynamic marketplace.

Learning Management System

Provide Impactful & Interactive Content: With its robust online learning feature-set, Atrixware empowers associations to deliver interactive and impactful webinars, webcasts, and on-demand courses as part of a comprehensive continuing education program. Axis learning management system’s elegant learner interface and custom branded portals allow members to enjoy a mobile-optimized online learning experience with convenient, on-the-go access.

Increase Efficiencies with an Easy-to-Use Interface: Built upon proven best practices, Axis learning management system also offers sleek learning management system tools to streamline and simplify program management; thereby reducing staff time on labor-intensive administrative tasks. With Axis learning management system, you can manage online courses, data and continuing education, from start to finish in one centralized location.

Easily Integrate and Customize Your Learning Management System: Have a management tool that’s already working for you? Axis learning management system’s flexible framework is designed to integrate with the latest technologies for a seamless member experience. Whether you’re providing online continuing education to lawyers, doctors, accountants, or general professionals, Axis learning management system has you covered.

Axis learning management system lets you control everything from user interface and branding, learning paths, reporting and much, much more.

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Does Your Business Need a Learning Management System? Know the Benefits of LMS Here

Try to imagine today’s world without eLearning. Without multiple online courses; mobile apps, business training programs, university educational software solutions are possible but rather difficult. Corporations, having to keep up with the times, now have started to actively use learning management systems by taking all specific business needs and peculiarities into account. There are a plenty of learning management systems out there that allow building your own courses by using pre-built content templates, extensions, features, and inserting media.


Four Incredible Benefits of Learning Management System for Corporations

  • Reduction in Training ExpensesCorporations have now the opportunity to reduce the cost on hiring and paying wages to instructors, training facilities, and educational courses payment. For example, many companies want their employees to acquire necessary skills and knowledge, as well as direct them through the course or career ladder. They have to pay for language courses in the first case, and provide trainers with fees in the second. Thus, with a single learning management system it is possible to reduce the entire expenses.
  • Make Course Access Location Independent: Learning management system allows employees to complete courses/programs using their PCs, Tabs or Smartphones from any place, anytime. Simple access with no limits on location and device use is always a great thing.
  • Customize Courses/Training ProgramsLearning management systemsgenerally ensure customization of your courses/programs as per the needs of the company. You can build in-house courses using tools and features of the chosen learning management system. For example, a corporate program that includes material (video, texts, tasks, short quizzers, etc.), a test after each stage, and a final exam. You can set up time for each quiz, see how many times it was passed by each user and the results of each completion, track progress, and define whether required skills and/or knowledge were acquired. Creating a tailored solution is a good opportunity to enhance educational process and overall performance as well.
  •  Build Efficient Educational EnvironmentsWhy not to integrate a single learning management system for all situations? A separate course aimed for gaining required knowledge for new employees, a training program to check job progress, acquire new skills, and define the best workers, a course for learning, a course teaching to deal with complicated equipment and computer programs or systems, and so on. It may seem a bit difficult at first glance, but modern learning management systems provide pre-built templates for content, many extensions, simple solutions for inserting audio, video, images, tests and exams, and other efficient opportunities to create and customize courses. Most learning management systems offer convenient tools that allow creating custom courses and thus implementing educational, teaching, and management processes in the organization.

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Three Ways to Remove the Internal Politics of “Who Owns the Training Platform” using Learning Management Systems

Whether you are considering changing your current learning management systems or rolling out an entirely new training platform for employees or clients to use, the question regarding ownership of the training platform is bound to arise. From sales to marketing teams, every department will have its own needs, and internal office politics on training platform ownership can hamper the roll out of much-needed training. That’s because office politics can hurt productivity and be a persistent pain point when working in team environments. However, you can mitigate these issues by taking a few simple but virtual steps.


Listening to the concerns of the different parties involved is important to reducing office politics regarding training platform ownership. Whether a leader from your sales team wants to push a specific platform because of its ease of navigation, or your human resource coordinator finds tracking results easier on another, each team member has unique needs and concerns that need to be addressed. As a leader, it’s imperative to listen with equal attention to all concerns and to not jump to conclusions. To fairly resolve the issues surrounding training platform ownership, suppress the urge to quickly dismiss any individual opinions and balance your active listening with only the best opportunities to inject your expertise into the conversation. The key is to keep communication open and ongoing so that all parties involved can feel that they are being heard and contributing – without internal office politics usurping the training and development goals the company needs to achieve.

Clarify Goals:

Setting the ground rules and reminding all parties involved in organizational goals is vital to reducing politicking in the office. Make sure everyone understands the training goals that need to be accomplished, as well as the base training platform ownership on achieving these goals.

Select an Empowering Learning Management System Platform

The actual learning management systems that you choose may make or break training and development if it lacks flexibility, especially when supporting multiple departments or clients. Choosing a training platform that not only offers flexibility to meet the unique needs of different teams and clients, but also empowers them to take ownership for their learning program and its associated tasks will help resolve the internal politics for owning the training platform. You can choose a training platform that helps keep track of results and even allows you to assign courses to learners, so that your team and clients feel empowered. The idea is to make each group feel like an owner. It’s also important to follow up with teams once the learning management systems are in full swing to ensure needs is being met.

Internal office politics don’t have to hamper the training and development of your employees, partners, or clients when training platform ownership is in question. Take the time to listen to the specific needs of each party involved, clarify goals and ground rules, and put learning management systems in place that offers both the flexibility to address these needs and the robustness to empower and motivate multiple teams. Get your team back to work and reduce the internal office politics surrounding who owns the training platform by initiating these simple steps.

Why You Should Consider Hiring an Axis Learning Management System Administrator?


Have you taken the time to evaluate your current learning management system? Perhaps you are in dilemma to determine whether or not to choose a new learning management system for your organization. In that case, your next step should be considering hiring an experienced Axis Learning Management System administrator to do it for you. A good learning management system will require a lot of effort and ongoing attention to maintain and ensure it runs at its highest efficiency. Hiring an Axis learning management system administrator will take your investment in and upgrade it to the next level. You and your employees won’t have to take on the additional burden of managing it yourself and the level of usefulness and efficiency of your Axis learning management system will likely increase dramatically as a result.

Significant Help from Axis Learning Management System Administrator

An Axis learning management system administrator will manage the operational performance of the learning management system on a daily basis which includes a large number of tasks. Axis learning management system will be the in charge of managing the team and providing daily support while developing learning courses and certifications, define user roles, deal with bugs, provides feedback to learners, maintain the learner portal, ensure the accuracy of postings, manage publishing and consult across the organization to implement best practices, make updates, and align business needs with training strategies.


For Axis Learning Management System administrator to be successful, the person handling should at first need the technical skills required to properly maintain the learning management system. In addition to that, the administrator should have to be well-versed in instructional design skills and of course become familiar with the organization’s compliance requirements as well as learning and development goals.

Axis Learning Management System – Ensure Best Ever Practices

Hiring an experience Axis Learning Management System administrator can take the usability of your learning management system to the next level undoubtedly while improving the efficiency of your learning and development. A good learning management system is an invaluable tool but money doesn’t know how to get the most out of the investment. A good Axis Learning Management System administrator will ensure you do just that.

Are you interested in learning more about Axis learning management system? Atrixware can help. Get in touch now!

How to Get Success? Role of Learning Management Systems in Corporate World

logo.2016There are numbers of companies out there specialized in learning management systems. The new technologies have led the way in shaping the learning management systems industry in early days and will continue to lead the way in the future. If you need to manage the enterprise’s size, solid administration, competency management, multilingual capabilities and e-learning, then learning management system is the logical choice.

Believe it or not, employees are the backbone and building blocks of the organization as the overall success and failure of the organization depends entirely on them. Thus, it is crucial to hire skillful and qualified candidates for the organizations only to support building a strong foundation. Besides, a learning management system is another way and is quite helpful to make the existing employees more skillful. This system can also be used to educate the employees about the organization’s main objective so that they can put their 100% to reach the milestone. However in reality, every employee posses some skills and qualities and thus, there is a need to enhance those so that organization could able to accomplish its goals and objectives in the best possible way.


Thus, learning management system came into the picture that is helpful to give the exact training and modules to the employees to make them perfect and/or enhance their key skills. Learning management system has dual benefit. It not only benefits employees but also to the organizations in several ways.

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The Bright Future of Learning Management Systems


The technology-aided learning has helped a lot today in providing learners access to learning as per their needs. With learning becoming simpler today, lots of new methodologies have been adapted frequently. Many changes have been witnessed in using learning management systems in last five years from which some of are:

  • Whether rightly or wrongly, acceptance of learning management systems in the workplace is considered to be a centralized piece of learning strategy.

  • Emergence of friendly learning management system development platform for customized e-learning allow using streaming audio and/or video over the web.

  • Due to learning management systems, evolution of authoring tools become easier and better to work with reducing development cost.

  • Increased use of learning management systems maximizes the capacity of mobile learning.

  • Wide use of learning management system integrated with social media create socio-informal learning activities.

What Can Be Expected from Learning Management Systems in Next Five Years?

In next five years, the learning management systems would be the first choice to create better places of e-learning and training.

  • Change in the Mobile Age: Mobiles will be the next preferred platform for learning. Learners would be able to access required information and materials from the corporate information systems using learning management systems just at the time they need. Learners will also share the fruitful results they obtain or even contribute their own accessed contents using mobile devices.

  • Increment in performance support: A lot of training requires for shaping the performance support and using learning management systems will help lessening the training headaches. Mobile devices will again be the driver of this change.


Learning management systems will gradually be evolving to support formal, informal, social and non-formal learning components. With this, we will witness a big shift in the way learners access the assessments.